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Crowley has truly made his mark.......

Well, it's been quite a week!! We've had triumphs, disappointments, tantrums (that would be me, about five mins ago - sorry, Crowley!) and lots of fun. Crowley has finally located a supplier of exceptional quality, to provide the very best magick powders and liquids. He is thoroughly excited to have his hands on a multitude of tools for both the lighter and darker shades of Magick. We are truly moving into covering all bases.

Crowley has been reading 'The book of the Law', by Aleister Crowley - and is captivated by the workings of Crowley's mind, and the applications in Magick. I mentioned previously the link I found between Thelema and my experience with mental health, and although I personally tend to stick more to the 'lighter side' if you will, I cannot deny a certain affinity with elements of Thelema, and with Aleister Crowley himself. This is an avenue I feel we will both explore in greater depth.

It was suggested by a customer that we look to stock Voodoo items, and we have dove headlong into the sourcing of a Voodoo nature - not as easy as you may think!! (it seems if we lived in the States it would be easier to come by). I won't lie, some of the things we now have are slightly disturbing me! Things like D.U.M.E powder - (I am told it means Death Unto Mine Enemy) - I cannot imagine wanting to use something like that myself, but I accept it takes all sorts, and respect the paths of all. So much so, that I am currently boiling the bones of the chicken we had for dinner, so that Crowley can use the bones for his Voodoo leanings - Gross!!.

We have been working on putting together kits and boxes for witches of all abilities and means, and we have had a great time sourcing the contents and packaging's. They are something we are new to, but we are really proud of the way they are turning out. We have had great feedback on Social Media about the things we are putting together. As always, we love to hear what you all think - constructive criticism is never a bad thing, and we encourage it.

I have spent today creating Spell bottles, as well as formulating herbal tea for sleep, and a lovely Lavender and Rose bath infusion. The tea and Spell Jars are on the website, the bath infusion will come soon, as I am hand stitching muslin bags for them, and it takes an age!! It's quite therapeutic though.

We changed the stock in our shop space this week, and have sold some incredible pieces through the website. Major excitement of the week - WE NOW STOCK NEMESIS NOW!! I have been a fan of Nemesis Now products for a long long time (we are lucky enough to own a few stunning items) - and both Crowley and I have fallen in love with the items we ordered - letting them go has been hard!! Still, when we become millionaires, we can decorate solely with Nemesis Now..... Hey, a Witch can always dream!!! I'll just have to master the money spells.......

I will leave you in peace now.... there is a Yorkshire Brew with my name on it, and I'm frankly not sure in my slightly overworked mind that I am not just rambling nonsense!! Catch up with you in a day or two.... oh, just quickly, if there is anything you want to know, want me to talk about, questions you want me to answer, or just generally want to say something, comment below or drop us a message on Facebook, Insta or the App...

Blessings All, The Witch of Crowley x

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