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Gosport meets Crowley's Witch!

We had a list of tasks to do, and finding retail space wasn't one of them, but sometimes good things come out of the blue! We are lucky enough to live two minutes away from a cute little emporium, and we noticed it had re-opened.... two texts later, and here we were looking at the space which is to become the physical space for Crowley's Witch. Exciting!! It is a shelving unit, in a good position in the emporium, and although a small start, it is a start none the less!

The thing is, I am a procrastinator. Crowley is impulsive. So here we stood with the manager of the emporium, discussing options for space rental, and Crowley made a passing comment, which has stuck with me. He said he will jump in the puddle without thinking, I will analyse the puddle first. Never a truer word spoken! So whilst I had said we would go away and think about it, he had signed us up!. We are now busily making arrangements to set up our space tomorrow!

The house looks like it belongs at a festival, covered with stock to choose from, and smelling incredible in a way only a space filled with incense sticks can do. Heavenly!!. I even made a purchase from our website, a pack of White Sage and Palo Santo incense sticks, which are cleansing our space and minds as we work. (I love incense and have tried almost every one I have ever encountered... these are by far the best! I cannot describe how amazing they smell, but if they bottled it as a perfume, I would wear it daily). https://www.crowleyswitch.com/product-page/native-soul-white-sage-palo-santo-incense-sticks

In the title, I have mentioned Gosport - that's our home town. A peninsula town in southern Hampshire, UK. I have lived here my whole life - Crowley has moved about a little more. Gosport has major military links, especially with the Royal Navy, being situated as closely to Portsmouth Naval Base as it is. It is home to the Submarine Museum, and many forts. It has 17 miles of coastline - we are incredibly lucky to have the coast on our doorsteps. Random fact for you (taken from Wikipedia) - Gosport is the largest town in Britain without a functioning railway station - how's that for a quiz question?!. Gosport also happens to be a diverse community, and I personally know a good number of people who, like us, have a leaning towards the more unusual - and we have met so many others already since starting Crowley's Witch!.

So if you happen to be in Gosport, and you have a spare ten minutes, head to Stoke Road, and have a mooch around our little space... I will post a picture of our set-up tomorrow once I have created it, so you can see the things we have decided to stock there - it will change weekly at least, so there will always be something new to look at.


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