It's been a while

Well it has been a while since we posted a blog, usually this was have been done by the wife. Instead I thought i'd jump in, so here goes..

In amongst the ongoing lockdown that almost seem to have been akin to Willy Wonka's ever lasting gobstopper we have been building up our stock levels, destroying and rebuilding our website to make it more userfriendly but me being me, simply cannot leave it alone obsessing on if it is simple enough to navigate even for the most IT illiterate?!

Perhaps if you are reading this blog you may wish to comment on if you feel the website is easy to navigate around either whilst on laptop or mobile depending on what you are reading this blog entry on?

We have seen a big jump in subscribers to our website, so a massive welcome to you all we hope you find what you are looking for, if not drop us a line.

This week we have been down to the local Emporium on Stoke Road where we have a significant collection, not sure how much more we can expand without actually having to get into our own shop. We did look into our own shop during socalled lockdown 3, but several things knocked that on the head, the wife not feeling overly comfortable with it, to be fair I am the one that throws caution to the wind where she has the more level head, my opposite. The onging lockdown and a death.

For now we look forward to welcoming you to our collection in the Emporium if you have any questions, queries or if you would like us to try and source something for you please make contact with us on FB messenger or through our website chat.

Speaking of collections we decided to have an attempt at incorporating some items along the cosmetic lines, but not any old things, we found Zombie Nights nail polish for example. What makes these different is the liquid is skull glass bottles and the lid or top or whatever, i'm a bloke, is a top hat, cool!! similarly we have mascara in a similar vane.

We also added keychains, wallets and purses which can be found in our accessories section.

We have replica Demon (Ruby) Knifes and Angel Blades inspired by the Supernatural TV series, more importantly these are not 3D prints. If you buy both we sell with a 10% discount.

Anyway as we plod along down the Prime Ministers Road Map out of lockdown 3 we look forward to being able to get out to some festivals and other events and so on, it has been great doing some online events but its not the same as being able to get you hands on an item and feeling how much it weighs of the texture of the item.. hopefully though we can have total faith in the government lol and there will be no more returning to lockdown again?!

As a sidenote we popped down to Ann's Hill cemetary to check on the wifes mums headstone as it was reported that more vandalism had taken place, as we entered we witnessed first hand the handy work of the idiots who decided it was a good idea to spray grafitti on headstones, at this point I would like to say, whoever this was, the Police are very much on the case of this and hopefully they will catch up with this person or persons, you very much will deserve what you get! It was dreadful to see people at the cemetary scrubbing off grafitti. Just goes to show, even when dead, when still cannot escape idiots!!

After a lot of research into reliable suppliers we have decided to move into the Crystal Wholesale, we have limited range so far but this will grow and we will be able to compete with the best of them. We have these seperate from our main website and have opened an Esty shop, although you can get to the Etsy shop via our website.

We continue to advertise on social media, although just for fun have started to include quotes and taglines, last one was 'We have such sights to show you' - Hellraiser, the current one is 'Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole' - Supernatural. Unfortunately I have a bit of a curse in that I tend to think these things are a good idea, but am usually calling a taxi for one lol but I continue because it amuses me.

Our monthly boxes are going from strength to strength in the popularity stakes, we try to be the best value for money we can be. We some out there and we are confident that our monthly box will and has stood up to independant review.

Anyway I have waffled enough and there is Lasagne on its way and i'm somewhat peckish!

Thank you all for your continued support, it is very much appreciated in these tough times.


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