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New beginnings - learning as we go!

It was a new interest which formed an idea. With encouragement from my very own Crowley, I had ordered my first Witch Kit, and was so excited to enter a world I had watched from the side-lines for as long as I could remember. All things magic, witchy specifically, have long been a love of mine.

I started reading everything I could find to equip myself with the knowledge to use my new kit. I joined witch specific social media (Facebook and Instagram) groups, too.

We had many conversations (or I just chewed his ear off waffling about all I was learning), and we decided that we could use my new obsession as the focus we needed to get through this Lockdown period with our sanity in tact! And so the idea was born - Crowley's Witch would be a place to connect with people, and create a business opportunity for ourselves, too.

Crowley has a way with things - he takes an idea and explores every avenue and possibility the idea leads to - and he does it with passion and determination. It drives me more than a little mad at times to be honest, but it also makes him the best kind of business partner (and husband coincidentally) you could want! So here we are, our savings being used to embark on a venture that we have no idea will work - but we do know if we don't try then we will never know (Schrodinger's Cat - if you know, you know (thanks Big Bang)- if you don't - something can be two things, and until you take that chance to investigate, you will never know if it is a positive outcome or a negative outcome). Here is Spock, sharing his thoughts on the cat.... as Crowley is a Trekkie!

Caution thrown to the wind, we signed up to a wholesaler, and away we went! We have had to learn from scratch how to set up a website (a true labour of love!). I decided to try my hand at being creative and making things (jewellery mainly) - with varying levels of success, but there is that pesky cat again, so I went for it.

We had lessons in social media (and much mocking) from the teenagers I once taught to use a toilet - so who is still winning here really, kids?!! I googled what a 'blog' is, and then decided to give it a go! (I have never felt so old - and I'm only in my 30s).

It has been hard work, and we will continue to make adjustments and learn as we go. I will share with you reviews of products I have tested. Random tales from the Crowley HQ - of success and failure! I will do my best to be informative, relevant, and not waffle too much....

If you want to chip in, suggest things I should or shouldn't do, encourage me if I've done OK, or tell me I've ballsed it up, drop me a line. I'm off to google how to make a video people might be interested in seeing....

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