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Putting the Witch in Crowley's Witch!

I am a very newly practicing witch. What that means is that I don't yet feel especially confident in my knowledge depth, other than knowing that as long as you perform spells with the right intentions, and believe in what you are doing (along with understanding the properties of your ingredients), you can't go far wrong. A lot of magick is personal - and it's bloody good fun learning!!

I have been incredibly fortunate to speak to some more experienced witches who are willing to advise and share their knowledge - Facebook groups are a great way to interact with likeminded people. I have never yet met, or spoken to, a Witch I didn't like. In fact, I tend to respond like a child seeing Santa - the type who like Santa and do a little happy jump up and down and clap their hands, not the run away crying or hide behind Mum type!!

But how do I turn all my knowledge and intentions into being able to supply Witches (as was the original intention of Crowley's Witch)?. The answer I suppose is just go for it! We had trouble sourcing herbs/flowers/crystals and the like. We finally found a supplier!!! And so armed with my knowledge of the properties of the herbs and crystals I have, and basic spells, I will embark on creating a Witch's pantry of sorts. I am really excited to put together a spell that I have created with someone special in mind, to lift the spirits - my ingredients arrive today, so I will let you know how that goes.

Crowley (in his all or nothing way - good thing he's gorgeous and I love him madly, else I may have had to turn him into a frog by now, haha) has decided we needed more space in the Emporium - so guess who has the task of expanding the operation today - yep, Me!! ( I wonder how Mary Poppins' worked her finger click magic???.... that would be really useful!) Although she did say 'in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap! the job's a game', there is a lot of truth in that.

Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, we will firmly establish the Witch in Crowley's Witch! The aim is to have spell kits, pre made spell jars/bags, a supply of herbs/florals/spices/oils and crystals for those more confident in what they are doing. Later today we will add Tarot Cards to our stocks, and a few other new items too. Crowley is looking into some darker elements - his personal interest, and his work continues on the Webiste and logo (he will decide on one eventually - once it is absolutely perfect!!).

Right, best get off for now.... keep an eye out for a video later showing some of our new stock... assuming I can make one worth watching - there are no guarantees!!

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