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Skulls and Spells and a trip down the rabbit hole!

It has been a while..... Hope you are all keeping well?

Things have been busy here at CW HQ!

In between exam results (thankfully without the algorithm) preparing for the returns to school (Thank all that is Holy) and the heatwave which has now ended (Finally!), it has been a hectic month. We have been researching different areas of witchcraft, and in the main, about the properties and uses of the many stones and crystals there are. We created a few options of packs for specific purposes, and these have been well received - we have been asked to create a pack for those who suffer insomnia, and so the research and sourcing has begun... so if you struggle to sleep, we will soon be able to help.

We produced our first subscription box - Skulls and Spells- and we have posted these out to subscribers this week. We have today decided to remove the subscription element.

It was fun deciding how to fill it and how to style it - and we agreed in the most part, which is always a bonus!

We have been looking for products and ideas for our Halloween special box. We are Halloween fanatics - and for us this is the most exciting time of the year.... Oh yes, the Halloween fever has already begun! Witchy Bec is out in full force - and I am gradually increasing the Halloween decs around the house.....subtly, so nobody notices!!

Crowley has been home on Leave from work, which has meant he has had time to focus on improving the website - it is now much more fluid and user friendly - he has ironed out some glitches, added international shipping, and generally had a tidy up. He has created a clearance page, we need to make space for all the exciting new pretties - so we have dropped the prices on some beautiful items! He has spent hours sourcing new stock (and occasionally needed reigning in (although humble pie for me, turns out we DID need four of each item when I made him reduce it to two......oops!) and forming a more comprehensive range. I have been busy creating jewellery (some Alice in Wonderland inspired - a personal favourite of mine) - it is now up on the website, so do check it out if you have a few minutes spare - and please do remember, any feedback or suggestions on the website, the product range, or anything else - we love to hear from you!

The next things on the horizon for us here at CW HQ are to continue to build and expand both our knowledge and our stock ranges, and to look at making bespoke personalised items - this has been requested, and we are so keen to explore the possibilities of the lovely things we can make. Oh, and even more build up to the very very best time of the year (and the themed monthly box to go with it)!!

So until the next Blog, keep it Witchy!!

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