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The boxes have taken over the house!!

It's been a while since I last blogged.... why? Quite simply, we have put so much time into the business and along with each having full-time jobs, and two adult sized kids at home, there isn't much spare time, and frankly, I've been knackered!. What's been happening in the world of Crowley's Witch?? Lots, actually!. Aside from anything else, the boxes (some with stock in, and some filled with packing materials and other boxes, because it's good for the environment to recycle them and use them again - though not so good for my sanity!) have taken over the whole downstairs!!.

I have been learning how to blend oils to make, amongst other things, massage oils (very nice, too - Crowley approved - as did a friend who had agreed to be our quality assurer and give it a go!). I have made my first dream catcher, and some protection Bells. I am not a natural creator of pretties, but what I lack in skill, I make up for in effort! Crowley, being the more technical of us, has spent many many hours on the Website - trying to make it as user friendly as possible. It's bloody complicated at times, but so worth getting it right.

We have realised this weekend that we are literally being overtaken by stock, and have put in 2 more orders today, so we are looking into holding an auction live on Facebook - you can get to know us a bit better. I am so stupidly scared of anything that puts me out there - but we will make arrangements (we will announce the date and time later this week) and go for it! The idea is to give you all the option to bag a bargain or two!. Invite your friends - the more the merrier!!. We have loads of stock to sort through, but there will definitely be Tarot Cards - we got over excited and bought far too many - must be Crowley's fault, couldn't possibly be mine haha!.

Crowley and I are thrilled to have passed 100 followers on Instagram and so close to 200 on Facebook! We love to read the comments on our posts, and are really making some new friends, which is awesome!. Thank you all so much for taking the time in the madness of the world, to embrace Crowley's Witch.

We have a birthday in the house tomorrow - our Man-Child is turning 14, and so I'm going to bugger off and blow up balloons (which are definitely not for my sake..... I don't have an issue with my baby growing up, honest!), but I will keep you updated about the auction - and will be sure to have attacked these lockdown eyebrows before I scare you all on a live feed....!!.

Stay Awesome, and keep up with us on Social Media xx

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